Rainforest Fruit Long Rectangle Silk Chiffon Scarf 67.5cm x 180cm

Rainforest Fruit Long Rectangle Silk Chiffon Scarf 67.5cm x 180cm

$159.95 AUD

Presenting a distinctively Australian Aboriginal art design by respected Kuku Yalanji artist, Andrew Gibson, this beautifully handmade silk scarf exemplifies Mainie’s “Luxurious, Authentic, Unique” trademark.

The generous size of this versatile fashion accessory allows it to be effortlessly styled to suit any occasion.  From daytime to evening, from a resort to a red-carpet event, from an easy-to-wear sarong to an elegant shoulder wrap, this exquisite wearable art piece will always be ready to go.

  • 100% Silk Chiffon
  • Hand rolled hem
  • Digitally printed silk
  • 67.5cm wide by 180cm long
  • Presented in a handmade gift box lined with tissue paper
  • Artwork and artist information card
  • Royalties are paid to the artist with every item sold

The Artwork Story

 Quandongs on the River (Rainforest Fruit)

The original artwork by Andrew Gibson is called “Quandongs on the River”. Quandongs are a rainforest fruit used by the Kuku Yalanji people as a source of traditional food and are also used to make jewellery for women.

As the Quandongs ripen they fall to the ground.
“You can find them in the bush and the waterways. Growing up as a child, we would collect the Quandongs to eat and play with. The representation of the Quandongs in my painting is the fruit we would gather, placing them in our traditional baskets called Dilly Bags”.

To learn more about Andrew Gibson click here 


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