Reef Rectangle Silk Twill Scarf 67.5cm x 180cm

Reef Rectangle Silk Twill Scarf 67.5cm x 180cm

$179.95 AUD

Presenting a distinctively Australian Aboriginal art design by respected North Queensland artist Elverina Johnson, this beautifully handmade silk scarf exemplifies Mainie’s “Luxurious, Authentic, Unique” trademark.

A sensuously soft and lustrous silk twill scarf.  There are so many different ways to style this exquisite piece of wearable art.  Tie as a scarf around the neck, drape over the shoulders as an elegant evening wrap or wear as a gorgeous sash belt.  The rich colours and intricate design of this beautiful hand-made scarf honour silk's ancient origins as a highly valued treasure in the opulent, imperial palaces of the Silk Road.

  • 100% Silk Twill
  • Hand rolled hem
  • Digitally printed silk
  • 67.5cm wide by 180cm long
  • Presented in a handmade gift box lined with tissue paper
  • Artwork and artist information card
  • Royalties are paid to the artist with every item sold

The Artwork Story


This artwork by Yarrabah, North Queensland artist Elverina Johnson is from her “Life in the Reef” series. It depicts a traditional “Buluru” (Story Time).

“Wiwi Mundu Murrba” means “Heart, Spirit and Breath under the Water”. The story describes the life and breath of the ocean and the reef and all that is alive in it. The reef is the heart of the sea and without it, the life in the ocean will not survive. The Gungganji Aboriginal people have long depended on the reef as a source of food and life. 

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