Josepha Petrick Kemarre - Bush Plum or Mistletoe


Mainie Australia - Bush Plum or Mistletoe Painting

$4,560.00 AUD

Artwork Name: Angkwerrpme Bush Plum or Mistletoe

Artist: Josepha Petrick Kemarre

Size: 150cm x 90cm loose canvas


Though Josepha calls these little berries ‘bush plum’ in English, Angkwerrpme is the name for mistletoe in Josepha’s language. There are many different types of angkwerrpme in Central Australia, where all but one or two produce edible berries. In this painting Josepha paints one that has sweet edible berries that can be found in shades of yellow, red, orange and purple (or black) in their different stages of maturity. Josepha says they can be found growing on the Witchetty Bush (Acacia Kempeana).

In this painting Josepha depicts the angkwerrpme through intricate dot work, and the colours she has used signify these various ripening stages.