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Brenda Punytjina Armstrong - Honey Grevillea Dreaming 183x61cm


Brenda Punytjina Armstrong - Honey Grevillea Dreaming 183x61cm


Artwork Name: Honey Grevillea Dreaming

Artist: Brenda Punytjina Armstrong

Size: 183cm x 61cm un-stretched canvas

Item Code: 10415

Art Story

'Kaliny-kalinypa' or 'ultukunpa' is a Pitjantjatjara word for the honey grevillea flower. This plant grows in sandy soils of the spinifex plains and on sandhills. It is very tolerant to fire, and produces beautiful yellow flowersat the end of its branches after rain.  'Kaliny-kalinypa' nectar is a delicacy for many Aboriginal people. One can suck the nectar directly from the flowers.

In this painting, Brenda depicts the Dreaming of her maternal grandmother, Ruby Williamson. This 'Kaliny-kalinypa' Dreaming comes from Pukara a 'kapi tjukula' (rockhole/waterhole) southwest of Wingellina community in Western Australia. Pukara is her grandmother's and grandfather's country. Here women dance and perform 'inma' (ceremonies) to increase the amount of nectar in the 'kaliny-kalinypa' flowers. Two water serpents live in the waterhole at Pukara, which is why her paintings of this area are so colourful.

Both Brenda and her grandmother Ruby are Anangu people from Amata community in South Australia, approximately 115km south of Uluru (Ayers rock).