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Elverina Johnson

Elverina Johnson’s traditional family name is Bunya Badjil, which means “Good Woman”. Elverina lives in Yarrabah, a coastal community located south east of Cairns, Australia situated between the rainforest and the ocean.
Elverina is of Kunganji Gurugulu lineage on her Granfather’s side and Indinji Gimuy lineage on her Grandmother’s side. Elverina is a direct descendant of King Yinnie of Cairns, and a direct descendant of King Menmuny of the Gunganji Nation of Yarrabah.
Elverina’s enduring custodial ties to her traditional heritage culture are reflected in her artworks, which depict the natural abundance and beauty of her ancestral homelands.
Elverina is a highly respected advocate of her community, and she has been involved in the visual and performing arts industry for over 25 years.
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