Alice Nampijinpa Michaels - Lappi lappi dreaming


Mainie Australia - Lappi Lappi Dreaming Painting

$250.00 AUD

Artwork Name: Lappi Lappi Dreaming

Artist: Alice Nampijnpa Michaels

Size: 30cm x 30cm pre-stretched canvas


The subject of this work is Lappi Lappi, a rock hole near Lake Hazlett, about 90km northwest of Lake Mackay in Western Australia. The country belongs to Nampijinpa/ Jampinjinpa and Nangala/Jangala skin groups. Located in a sheltered basin, the rock hole at Lappi Lappi is a permanent source of water and is surrounded by country rich in bush tucker. In the time of the Jakurrpa (Dreamtime) many mothers with young children would gather there because it was a safe place to stay. The rock hole at Lappi Lappi is home to a ‘warnayarra’ a rainbow serpent that travels underground between various rock holes. One day, women were gathered at the rock hole with their children singing and dancing. When the ‘warnayarra’, heard the sound of voices, it travelled slightly towards them, under the water. When it reached the edge of the rock hole, it rose out of the water and ate them all.