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Betty Mpetyane Club - My Mothers Story 45x30cm


Betty Mpetyane Club - My Mothers Story 45x30cm


Artwork Name: My Mothers Story

Artist: Betty Mpetyane Club

Size: 45cm x 30cm pre-stretched canvas

Item Code: 10435

Art Story

Betty has painted the Awelye (women's ceremonial body paint designs) for the ancestral dreamtime stories of the Anemcmgkerr (bush melon or tomato) which belong to her mother's country, Atnwengerrp, in the Utopia Region. Betty inherited the permission to paint this design by her mother; the late Minnie Pwerle.

The bold linear pattern of stripes and curves throughout Betty's painting illustrates the Awelye. After smearing their bodies with animal fat, the women trace these designs onto their breasts, arms and thighs, singing as each woman takes her turn to be 'painted­up'. Their songs relate to the dream time stories of ancestral travel, dance and other totemic plants, animals and natural forces. Awelye demonstrates respect for the land. In performing these ceremonies they ensure well-being and happiness within their communities.