Mainie Ethics


Mainie embraces Fair Trade principles and is strongly committed to supporting Aboriginal artists to preserve and regenerate their traditional cultural heritage. All of the Aboriginal artworks featured on Mainie’s silk creations are acquired ethically and under licence through the internationally acclaimed Warlukurlangu Artists, an Aboriginal owned and controlled arts centre, in accordance with the Indigenous Art Code. Royalties from the sale of every Mainie garment are paid to the Aboriginal artists.

The art centre has long been a stronghold of culture and language for the Warlpiri people from the remote Tanami Desert region, and a place where women artists are keeping their ancient tribal traditions alive by capturing in intricate dot paintings, the ceremonial designs which have been passed down to them over thousands of years.

Mainie invests in the economic development of Aboriginal women artists and their communities by:
  • Purchasing original artworks in accordance with the Indigenous Art Code
  • Acquiring licences to legally reproduce the artworks
  • Paying royalty fees to the artists from the sales of products.

Mainie is a wholly Australian owned company with a bold vision to take Australia’s unique Aboriginal fine arts heritage to the world.


Yarrabah is a coastal Aboriginal community located south east of Cairns. It is home to one of Australia’s largest Aboriginal communities with a population of over 2,000 people.  The Yarrabah area was originally inhabited by the Gunggandji people.  Many of the direct descendants of the Gunggandji people still live at Yarrabah.  The community has a vibrant visual arts and performing arts culture and is home to the annual Yarrabah Band Festival, an event which brings thousands of visitors to Yarrabah each year.