Mainie Ethics

Mainie embraces Fair Trade principles and is strongly committed to supporting Aboriginal artists to preserve their traditional cultural heritage.

All the artwork featured on Mainie products is ethically acquired through Aboriginal owned and controlled arts centres, most of which are located on the ancestral homelands of the artists. This ensures the authenticity of each artwork as a genuine depiction of a traditional Dreamtime story, which has been handed down intact to the Aboriginal artist through many generations of his or her ancestors over thousands of years.

Mainie’s commercial arrangements with the Aboriginal artists are governed by formal agreements in accordance with the Indigenous Art Code.

The art agreements cover:

  • Purchase of original artworks (Note: Although Mainie owns the original artwork, the Aboriginal artist retains the copyright to their artwork in perpetuity)
  • Licensing to allow for reproduction of original artwork images onto Mainie products
  • Payments of artist royalties on sales of Mainie products


Art Centres


Warlukurlangu Artists Aboriginal Corporation – Yuendumu

Warlukurlangu is a world-renowned art centre and is a stronghold for the preservation of traditional Warlpiri culture and language. The Warlpiri people from the remote Tanami Desert region of Central Australia were some of the last Aboriginal people to make contact with the outside world. Artworks by the Warlukurlangu Artists are highly sought after by major art galleries and museums around the world.


Dirringhi Arts & Craft – Yarrabah

Dirringhi is a community-based social enterprise founded by award winning artist and highly respected Gungganji advocate, Elverina Johnson. Dirringhi supports Aboriginal artists in Yarrabah to sustain their cultural traditions, and earn income from their work. Yarrabah Elders were featured in Sir David Attenborough’s documentary, Great Barrier Reef, as an acknowledgement of their ancestor’s unbroken connection to the land and sea environment over the millennia. Elverina Johnson is the 2017 National NAIDOC Artist of the Year.


Jurramuli Art – Mossman Gorge

Jurramuli represents Yalanji artists from the Mossman Gorge Aboriginal community in Far North Queensland. Mossman Gorge is located in the World heritage listed, Daintree rainforest, the oldest rainforest environment in the world.


Rain Desert Aboriginal Art

Rain Desert Aboriginal Art is owned by Kuranda based Indigenous artist, Justin Butler. Justin is a descendent of the Bandjin people, the traditional owners of Hinchinbrook Island, and the Kalkadoon people from North Western Queensland.

Mainie invests in the economic development of Aboriginal women artists and their communities by:
  • Purchasing original artworks in accordance with the Indigenous Art Code
  • Acquiring licences to legally reproduce the artworks
  • Paying royalty fees to the artists from the sales of products.

Mainie is a wholly Australian owned company with a bold vision to take Australia’s unique Aboriginal fine arts heritage to the world.